Remake democracy to end Toryism

The unpredictable political and constitutional crisis sweeping the UK is a sure sign that we have to remake our democracy from top to bottom. Building on the social movement that all but topped the Tories on June 8 can provide the momentum to change the UK in a deep-seated way. The entire system is unstable and volatile, expressed in the inability to form a strong and stable government.

Running parallel is a deepening economic disaster. Real wages are falling sharply as inflation rises, while the UK’s output is falling faster than any other major country. Debt is growing and falling house prices indicate another crash is on the way. Read more

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Democracy Unchained by the Real Democracy Movement

Democracy Unchained

Democracy Unchained discusses what is wrong with the existing system, what real democracy would look like and how it can be achieved.

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“The book provides a good digest of problems and possible solutions and emphasises the gravity and urgency of the situation.” Tim Hart

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There’s been a dramatic drop in consumption of basic commodities such as bread and milk in Greece in the first months of 2017, according to the Hellenic Food Industry Federation. It’s not hard to see why there’s such a decline under way. An increasing proportion of the Greek people can no longer afford to eat. Read more.

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I must say at the outset that I support Scottish independence. I will continue to campaign for it. However, as the indyref2 campaign continues its ‘phoney war’ phase, I would like to indulge myself with a little overthinking. Read more.

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