How to derail neoliberalism – and replace it

Is neoliberalism – whereby the state promotes and facilitates the supremacy of the market in every area of society alongside tariff-free global trade – finally coming off the rails after an almost 40-year run?  Read more

Make Brexit about real democracy

Towards a different future

It is urgent to find a way forward that could inspire and unite people from both camps against the power of the corporations. A movement committed to achieving a democratic and fair society, where people really take control, could unite people in a new way. In place of the divisions of Brexit, the Real Democracy Movement proposes:
– Real democracy and self-determination where active citizens transform and remake our present forms of rule and power in favour of the 99%.
– A People’s Constitution, that enshrines in law the right of people to decide what’s best for their workplaces, communities, towns, cities, regions and countries.
– A new approach to relations with people in other countries, focused on the rights of workers, freedom of movement and solidarity against corporatocracy. Read more then have your say

After Carillion, what is the private sector for? Good question!

The collapse of Carillion, which made its money by sucking resources out of the public sector, begs the question: What use to society is the private sector of capitalism, when all is said and done? Read more

How the 1% protect their wealth at our expense

Have you heard of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)? Thought not. Here’s the inside story about how STEP members make sure the 1% stay wealthy and pay nominal amounts of tax. Read more 

Bitcoin fever could spark new crash

Nine years after Bitcoin’s launch, economy watchers are anxiously studying the markets and scouring each new official report for signs of the next crash. The Bitcoin-bubble hysteria could well prove to be one. Not if, but when. Read more

Achieving Catalonia’s right to self-determination

We should support not just the right to self-determination but the independence of Catalonia itself. Achieving this would be a blow against the centralising Spanish state and for democracy everywhere. Read more

Why we need a governing legislative framework at the heart of a new written constitution

What I argue for is a governing legislative framework that forms the heart of a new written constitution, one that incorporates basic principles of environmental, social and economic justice. Read more


Demand the release of Catalan political prisoners

We have sent the following message to 10 Catalan political prisoners held on remand in prison in Madrid while they await trial on spurious charges related to the referendum held on self-determination.

The Real Democracy Movement planning group supports the people of Catalonia in their desire for democracy and self-determination. We condemn the Spanish state’s violent treatment of voters, the closure of Catalonia’s Parliament and the jailing of Catalan political leaders as a blatant attack on democracy.

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Democracy Unchained

Democracy Unchained discusses what is wrong with the existing system, what real democracy would look like and how it can be achieved.

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