After Carillion, what is the private sector for? Good question!

The collapse of Carillion, which made its money by sucking resources out of the public sector, begs the question: What use to society is the private sector of capitalism, when all is said and done? Read more

Democratic revolution can unite both sides of Brexit

Is the alternative to Brexit simply the UK remaining a member state of the European Union? Or is there a case for a more imaginative and democratic option that could appeal to both leavers and remainers? Read more

How the 1% protect their wealth at our expense

Have you heard of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)? Thought not. Here’s the inside story about how STEP members make sure the 1% stay wealthy and pay nominal amounts of tax. Read more 

Bitcoin fever could spark new crash

Nine years after Bitcoin’s launch, economy watchers are anxiously studying the markets and scouring each new official report for signs of the next crash. The Bitcoin-bubble hysteria could well prove to be one. Not if, but when. Read more

Achieving Catalonia’s right to self-determination

We should support not just the right to self-determination but the independence of Catalonia itself. Achieving this would be a blow against the centralising Spanish state and for democracy everywhere. Read more

Hammond reboots austerity at our expense

Things are going to get harder, and harder and harder. So said Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies in his immediate response to the latest budget.  Read more

Why we need a governing legislative framework at the heart of a new written constitution

What I argue for is a governing legislative framework that forms the heart of a new written constitution, one that incorporates basic principles of environmental, social and economic justice. Read more

RDM Planning Day step forward

The Real Democracy Movement planning day on October 28 was a positive and energising event, attended by supporters from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, the Republic of Ireland and Southeast England. After some great discussions we agreed to form a planning group and small teams to start work on the following areas:

* a people’s charter as part of a new democratic constitution
* relationships with younger generations
* meetings with Momentum groups
* create and strengthen our own identity and purpose
* a plan of action to defend a Corbyn government, including civil disobedience
* a popular statement of what we are trying to achieve
* RDM networks in towns and areas
* our own media and a social media group
* short films to promote the RDM
* Unchaining Democracy discussions in Scotland as part of our educational outreach work

Demand the release of Catalan political prisoners

We have sent the following message to 10 Catalan political prisoners held on remand in prison in Madrid while they await trial on spurious charges related to the referendum held on self-determination.

The Real Democracy Movement planning group supports the people of Catalonia in their desire for democracy and self-determination. We condemn the Spanish state’s violent treatment of voters, the closure of Catalonia’s Parliament and the jailing of Catalan political leaders as a blatant attack on democracy.

Revolution series

Red Guards from the Vulkan factory in Petrograd

From Russia with love

Significant political and other legacies, notably cultural, outlive both Stalinism and the restoration of capitalism in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. A crucial part of the legacy is  the theory of the state in capitalist society because this leads directly to the question of who has the power in society – and, conversely, who doesn’t. For example, would a Jeremy Corbyn-led government have real power or be subordinate to the powers of the state? If the latter, can the power of the present state be broken without revolution? Read more

Red Army poster

Red Army poster

Russian Revolution: A huge leap into the unknown

“The Russian revolution took the world – and Russia – by surprise.  Although reforms and modernisation were overdue, no one thought it would erupt as it did. Lenin himself did not expect it. Even in November they didn’t believe it – and they didn’t know if they would stay in power. There were several points during the civil war when it appeared that the Whites would win and restore the status quo.” The fragile young Soviet state had to deal with civil war and invading armies from 14 countries while wracked by famine. Propaganda efforts in many languages by counter-revolutionary White forces and their allies, such as the US and Britain, sought to present the revolution as blood-thirsty and horrific. Read more

Revolutionary sailors occupying the courtyard of Berlin castle December 1918

One hundred days that shook Bavaria

The Bavarian revolutions of 1918-1919 – and those in the rest of Germany – were the first to take place in an advanced capitalist country. Inspired by the Russian Revolution, whose centenary is marked this year, they challenged the German state and the established political order. What happened in Bavaria holds important lessons for those struggling for system change today, while the role of the German SPD, the equivalent of the UK Labour Party, in suppressing the revolutions in blood cannot be ignored, especially as the prospects of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government grow.Read more


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