Planning for a Corbyn government

The prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government grows closer as Theresa May’s divided government staggers from pillar to post. Any number of issues, most notably Brexit, could hasten the collapse of the minority Tory government, result in a fresh election and an outright defeat for May’s party. We need to prepare for all eventualities. Join us on October 28 to plan for the future. Read more  

Democracy Unchained by the Real Democracy Movement

Democracy Unchained

Democracy Unchained discusses what is wrong with the existing system, what real democracy would look like and how it can be achieved.

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“The book provides a good digest of problems and possible solutions and emphasises the gravity and urgency of the situation.” Tim Hart

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One hundred days that shook Bavaria

The Bavarian revolutions of 1918-1919 – and those in the rest of Germany – were the first to take place in an advanced capitalist country. Inspired by the Russian Revolution, whose centenary is marked this year, they challenged the German state and the established political order. Read moreRevolutionary sailors occupying the courtyard of Berlin castle December 1918

Nemesis: Neoliberalism & Sustainable Development

Back in the 1980’s, just about anything went. A lot disappeared. But one particular phrase emerged that stuck – sort of. It was called sustainable development. Even Margaret Thatcher thought it was pretty cool. But there was another development that emerged that really stuck. It wasn’t entirely new. It had been around for centuries in a different guise. But in the consumerist high tech society that was emerging during the 80’s, the neoliberal model had found a lucrative market in which to flourish. Read more.

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