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What is it that makes you angry?

Do you worry about low pay, unaffordable housing, personal debt, climate change, fracking, pollution, racism, exploitation, anti-LGBT prejudice, the NHS crisis and the lack of care for older people? Are you worried about the threat from people like Trump, UKIP, far-right populists and neo-fascists?

There are many campaigns on these issues and we support them.  But what makes our project different is that supporters understand that the big issues of our time must be tackled at their roots – and want to build a movement that will do just that.

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“The book provides a good digest of problems and possible solutions and emphasises the gravity and urgency of the situation.” Tim Hart

Democracy Unchained – just out

Democracy Unchained discusses what is wrong with the existing system, what real democracy would look like and how it can be achieved. Read it, comment on it and share ideas at meetings, online and via social media. Supporters will then produce a revised draft as preparation for the launch of the Real Democracy Movement as an organisation during the course of 2017.

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Job opportunity for Social Media Campaigner

Use your skills and knowledge to:

> design and Implement a high-impact social media campaign, building up to the launch of a new organisation, the Real Democracy Movement
> develop platforms and content presentation/creation, including web/video/audio content, to engage a range of audiences/potential supporters of this radical new idea.

For full details and how to apply, download the job description.

Trumplandia and the world of the surreal

The destabilisation of the American political system under the Donald Trump presidency reveals the fragility of the entire edifice of the country’s government and state system.

Built around its famous checks-and-balances constitution – the first legal document in history to set out the principles of modern government – the system is heading for a traumatic meltdown.

That would almost certainly mean a terminal crisis for the practice of representative democracy that was actually invented in the United States by the leaders of the American Revolution after their struggle to throw off British colonial rule. All the signals point to an emergent dictatorship around the bellicose property billionaire who has come to power in Washington.

Not for him the carefully-constructed supposed equality of the state’s principal institutions – both houses of Congress, the executive and the Supreme Court. In Trumplandia, Congress is given its marching orders and judges warned against limiting the president’s executive powers.The rights of the states to decide on how to handle undocumented migrants are being squeezed by federal agents who seize people off the streets, or as they are dropping their kids off to school.

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