Deepening crisis in the Irish state

November 29th, 2017|debt, election, finance, Ireland|1 Comment

The resignation (28/11/17) of Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister (Tainiste) Frances Fitzgerald TD, for failure to address massive police corruption, marks a deepening political crisis in the 26-County Irish State. It has also opened a small but revealing window on […]

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Ireland on the edge

Ireland’s on-going water wars are provoking a new moment of crisis in the troubled Republic where Brexit has been described as “the most profound crisis” in history of the post-colonial state. The possibility of a hard UK/EU border between […]

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Ireland’s shameful Poltroon Parliament

May 12th, 2016|Ireland|0 Comments

ireland-bnb-mapReport from Ireland by Frank Hayes

An unprecedented number of Independent/Other deputies (23 non-party candidates) were elected in the Irish general election on February 26.  It was a sharp judgement on the […]

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A tipping point nears in Ireland

April 22nd, 2016|Ireland|1 Comment

ireland-bnb-mapIt’s almost two months since the Irish General Election and still there’s no government that the 158 members of the Dail can agree on.  This is an unprecedented impasse, and amounts to […]

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