• Neil Foss
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    The Real Democracy Movement cannot support or defend a Corbyn government.
    The RDM is a new movement which must be independent of any existing political party.
    Why should we support Corbyn instead of Conservative, Libdem, Green, SNP, BNP or any other.
    We need to rise above party politics. That is not democracy. Labour refused to support the Democratic Alliance at the last election because it knows the current political status quo means it will get elected sooner or later. It is part of the problem not the solution.
    If we get anywhere with the RDM we mus ultimately put up our own candidates in a future election to change the system.

  • Tim Hart
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    I agree with the sentiments of Neil’s comment, although I don’t think the answer will come from fielding candidates within the existing corrupt and bankrupt party political system. As for the prospect of a Labour Government, it will not be so much about defending a Corbyn government but salvaging any remnant of radical policy from it. There isn’t much left now and the Labour Party is not even in office yet! The resignation/sacking of Chris Williamson for having the temerity to suggest the rich should pay more council tax and John McDonnell apparently heading off to Davos, the epicentre of Corporate World Hegemony, doesn’t bode well for the prospect of anything other than Blairite MkII in a velvet glove.
    If the Labour Party imagine they are executing a cunning plan to cosy up to the elite to win power and then try to change things once in office they are hopelessly naïve. When has such an approach ever worked? The elite are busy co-opting the Labour Party as insurance against the self-inflicted damage done by the continuing chaos amongst the Tories. Labour taking government will have less to do with any mass grassroots movements –although they no doubt will step forward to take the credit – but more about whether the corporations and the mainstream media, such as the BBC and national newspapers, back the Labour campaign, or at least don’t actively undermine it.
    The corporate elite may well need to put the Labour Party in government for a while, especially to maintain the corporate friendly parts of the UK’s EU membership, but they won’t let them do anything significant to rock the boat and they will be declared unfit and out on their ear as soon as the Tories get their act together again. No. Party politics is a blind alley for anyone that wants to create a real democracy. You may as well put your faith in the Second Coming. The alternatives are difficult but, as they say, the definition of insanity is: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’

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