What is it that makes you angry?

Do you worry about low pay, unaffordable housing, personal debt, climate change, fracking, pollution, racism, exploitation, anti-LGBT prejudice, the NHS crisis and the lack of care for older people? Are you worried about the threat from people like Trump, UKIP, far-right populists and neo-fascists?

There are many campaigns on these issues and we support them. But what makes our project different is that supporters understand that the big issues of our time must be tackled at their roots – and want to build a movement that will do just that.

Underlying the problems of our time is a common issue – the lack of control over our lives which is made worse by the fact that we live in a hollowed-out democracy. The present system – capitalism – is driven by corporate and financial power.

Some call it a corporatocracy.

We are caught up in a system which serves only a tiny minority and is hastening climate change and species loss.

Addressing these basic issues can lead to real change and solutions.  That’s why people have come together to support the creation of the Real Democracy Movement.

Why supporters and not members? People have told us they want something different, a new kind of movement.

So instead of just launching a new organisation and asking everyone to be a member, becoming a supporter gives you the chance to decide what type of organisation the RDM should become.

To have a real democratic energy, the movement must be the result of what its supporters want it to be, rather than a formula from the past.

That’s why supporters worked together to write Democracy Unchained, which sets out some ideas and proposals you can take forward.

Here’s what YOU can do right now:

Become a Supporter of the RDM and take part in shaping its future

Volunteer for the RDM Supporters planning group

Like the RDM Facebook page and share it with your friends

Post your activities, images and ideas on Facebook

Post your blogs and comment on others on the website

Help organise a discussion around the ideas in Democracy Unchained in your area.


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