Underlying the problems of our time is a common issue – the lack of democratic control over our lives and our future. Corporate and financial power has taken the political system under its wings. We now live in a corporatocracy.

So we are for a democratic revolution to build a new political system that works for the 99% and puts real power into the hands of the people.

We welcome members of other parties to support us while remaining in their own organisation. Our aim is to complement the work of others by introducing the central issues of democracy, the state and power into the equation.

Why supporters and not members? People have told us they want something different, a new kind of movement.

Building the Real Democracy Movement into a significant force for change is essential if a Corbyn-led government is to have a chance of success. Our role, as RDM supporters, is threefold:

  1. work on a strategy to defend a Corbyn government and build support in the shape of assemblies, civil disobedience, strikes and protests that will challenge the establishment as well as corporate/financial power
  2. deconstruct the present state and put forwards proposals for a democratic alternative, based on a new constitution, self-determination and a transfer of power from the political and corporate elites to the majority
  3. develop plans to turn the RDM into a organisation that works with others to carry through the transition from a corporatocracy to a real democracy.

RDM supporters will hold a planning day in London on Saturday, October 28 where we will work collaboratively in small-group sessions to address these challenges. You are warmly invited to become a supporter and take part.

For more information and to register, send your name with “October 28” in the subject line to info@realdemocracymovement.org

Supporters worked together to write Democracy Unchained, which sets out some ideas and proposals you can take forward. Download it here.

Here’s what YOU can do right now:

Become a Supporter of the RDM and take part in shaping its future

Volunteer for the RDM Supporters planning group

Like the RDM Facebook page and share it with your friends

Post your activities, images and ideas on Facebook

Post your blogs and comment on others on the website

Help organise a discussion around the ideas in Democracy Unchained in your area.


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