‘Until everybody sees that the old ways need to end
But it’s hard to accept that we’re all one and the same flesh
Given the rampant divisions between oppressor and oppressed
But we are, though,
More empathy, less greed, more respect
All I’ve got to say has already been said,
I mean, you heard it from yourself
When you were lying in your bed and couldn’t sleep
Thinking, “Couldn’t we be doing this differently?”
I’m listening to every little whisper in the distance singing hymns
And I can, I can feel things changing’…

an excerpt from 2019’s People’s Faces by musician Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest

Certainly more empathy, love, compassion, and less greed needed now.

After Covid19 my hope is that people have seen how the worker has been ruthlessly exploited by companies & especially big corporations for way too long.

EasyJet or Virgin are good examples  – immediately asking for billions in government bail-outs after a few weeks of downturn, staff laid off or suspended on £0 pay and yet Richard Branson sits on a personal fortune of £4 billion and Sir Stelios will still receive a £60 dividend any day now!

Workers must demand a share of profits going forward after C19, without them, no profits are made. Obvious, yet the docile worker has remained in their box for far too long. Ideally of course, the business would be run and owned by its employees who would equally as possible receive the benefits of a prosperous company and work much happier within it.

I walked through a housing estate on the edge of Darlington yesterday. Beige, bland houses of blanket conformity. It was an example of how we have allowed ourselves to become so homogenised as a nation. How did this happen?

People must feel free to express their individuality in themselves, their clothes and their home. We can learn from the Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser who built challenging but excitingly colourful buildings creating his dwellings where humans live side by side with nature. He believed that if we all create our own piece of paradise on our doorstep, our home – what a more exciting world we would live in! Yet most people live meekly ‘content’ to live in indoctrinated boxes of drab conformity.

In 2020 & beyond Coronavirus, it is high time people became more who they were meant to be, more who they want to be, follow the heart. Dreams must be pursued to allow an individual to become who they really are. Especially in these days of the robot replacing humans in dull jobs happening more & more.

A universal basic income is therefore a necessary part of this picture.

The economy must now favour the 99%, people and planet and not the 1% getting ever greedier for more millions, becoming billions piling up in the tax haven in the Cayman Islands.

The super rich need to seek treatment for a hording greed – it’s a illness.

Similarly we are run by psychopathic corporations and the sociopath and psychopath are too often in charge in government and big business.

In 2020 these people must quickly loose their iron grip on the earth, animals and humanity for us to even survive as a species in just a couple of hundred years time.