Ireland at the crossroads

By Frank Hayes

The daily reality check of deepening poverty, zero hours, minimum wages and an “unfree-market”-driven housing crisis, combined with endemic health, public service, and community care cut-backs, frame the doorstep ambush for […]

Protest at British Museum’s Assyria show

Elegantly attired staff adorned with BP logos greeted journalists at the entrance to the British Museum’s big winter show, I am Ashurbanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria.

We’re so used to corporate sponsors having pride of place at […]

Oceania celebrating

That we’ve broken their statues
That we’ve driven them out of their temples
doesn’t mean at all that the gods are dead.

Ionia, CP Cavafy

Oceania at London’s Royal Academy has opened at a time when efforts by indigenous, native and first peoples to […]

Real Democracy Movement