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Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality f

Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality for the many

By Paul Feldman Written in the name of  “We the People of the United States”, the preamble to the original constitution says it is made in “Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves […]

Why Long-Bailey’s call for a ‘democratic

Why Long-Bailey’s call for a ‘democratic revolution’ deserves support

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s call for a “democratic revolution” in the wake of Labour’s election debacle is welcome. In doing so, she raises crucial questions about where power is located, the nature of the state and removing the Tories sooner rather than later. Clearly, Labour cannot simply rely on harvesting the votes of traditional supporters at the […]

Iraqi protests demand democracy

Iraqi protests demand democracy

By Farah Alrajeh Academic and PhD researcher in Iraqi Literature,Sussex University Iraqis around the world are accusing the Baghdad government of crimes against humanity in a brutal crackdown against opponents. Some 300 people have been killed since demonstrations against the Abdul Mahdi regime began in early October. Iraqis are appealing to the United Nations and […]

How Labour can answer the far right’s at

How Labour can answer the far right’s attack on democracy

As Theresa May reaches out to Jeremy Corbyn in her efforts to solve the Brexit crisis in Parliament, it’s clear that the usual form of politics in the UK has ended. Brexit  is viewed by many people as an unnecessary and dangerous right-wing diversion from the big issues facing society as a whole. But this […]

Brexit crisis: beware threat of a nation...

Brexit crisis: beware threat of a national government

A deepening, unpredictable political and constitutional crisis sparked by Brexit could have far-reaching consequences before the year is out. Some commentators have suggested that it is the biggest political challenge facing the ruling elites since the General Strike of 1926 when power seemed to pass – temporarily – into the hands of the trade union […]

Why we need a governing legislative fram...

Why we need a governing legislative framework at the heart of a new written constitution

In the e-book Democracy Unchained, Chapter 2 charts the rise of a corporatocracy that has re-fashioned the state to serve the needs of powerful corporations and their shareholders – particularly over the last 30 years. It states: “By the 21st century, fewer than 100 transnational corporations (TNCs) dominated the world economy …” and “… some […]

Time to dump Trump

Demonstrators against white supremacy

Trump’s comments about the conflict in Charlottesville at yesterday’s news conference – if it can be called that – have sent shock waves around the United States. Veteran presenters on CBS television said they had “never seen a news conference like this one” after the POTUS returned to his original stance of equating alt-right and Nazi demonstrators […]