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Even Dr Who…

Even Dr Who…

Introduction to Getting to Grips with Neoliberalism Teach/Learn-in – Wigan 24 November  2018 We are here to reach a deeper understanding of what neoliberalism, how it is changing. What do we want to do? * learn from each other as well as other sources to deepen our knowledge of neoliberalism in all its manifestations and contradictions […]

A decade after the crash, a fairer, kind...

A decade after the crash, a fairer, kinder capitalism is simply delusional

Ten years ago, the world economy ground to a halt in the wake of the biggest financial crash in the history of capitalism. The vastly overinflated atmospheric layer of global credit had burst. The banks and the entire financial system were in trouble, big trouble. Bear Stearns and Northern Rock led the collapse. Then on […]

Review: How Varoufakis’ dream turned int

Review: How Varoufakis’ dream turned into a nightmare

Yanis Varoufakis lost his 2015 battle with what he calls “Europe’s deep establishment”. Now he’s working to build DiEM 25, a pan-European, cross-border movement of democrats. Their aim is to repair the European Union. In January, 2015 he was elected, with 140,000 votes, as finance minister in the Syriza-dominated government. His mission – to overturn […]