general election

We have to address the fundamentals

By Penny Cole

Boris Johnson’s victory is like a death rattle of the old regime, despite appearances to the contrary.

The ruling class must disguise the reality that the economic situation requires a fundamental transformation, […]

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How Labour can defeat Johnson-Farage power grab

A mass mobilisation is called for if we are to stop the Johnson-Farage axis from seizing power and creating a vicious anti-democratic, authoritarian regime.

This is no ordinary general election. Rather, it is […]

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A democratic revolution is the way to oust Johnson regime

democratic revolution

We are, as historian Simon Schama told BBC’s Newsnight, “living in a weird British revolutionary moment”. Different parts of the political system are at war with each other. The old […]

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How Labour can answer the far right’s attack on democracy

As Theresa May reaches out to Jeremy Corbyn in her efforts to solve the Brexit crisis in Parliament, it’s clear that the usual form of politics in the UK has ended.

Brexit  is viewed by many people as an unnecessary […]

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Six reasons to demand a fresh general election right now

The Tories are playing for time, desperately trying to reorganise themselves after their harrowing election campaign.

That’s a good reason why we should step up the campaign for a fresh election and complete the unfinished business of June 8 by […]

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