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In search of democracy

In search of democracy

By Tim Hart The Oxfam report, published on Monday and which was presented to the World Economic Forum at Davos this week, claims that eight individuals own as much wealth as half of the world’s population.  It is untenable to assert that in the Western World, or elsewhere, that democratic systems can function when there […]

The Screwtape Letters – at the Park Thea

The Screwtape Letters – at the Park Theatre  Ends 7 Jan 2017–the-screwtape-letters?utm_source=Adwords&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=ScrewtapeAdwords&gclid=CKiHu7C7rtECFRGeGwodPdQHNA There are real moments of subtle terror in this piece. Which will have you reconsidering your part in any Christmas blow-up argument. Offering a reflective opportunity to see how our own light and subtle accidents of behaviour can be caught. The letters are as much about the fragile product of an awakening and how […]

United Against Fracking

United Against Fracking

Forcing fracking on communities, the government shows it functions as the strong arm of the fossil fuel industry. Thousands gathered in Manchester to protest against the government’s plans to impose the fracking industry on communities in England. Protestors denounced Communities and Local Government Minister Sajid Javid for overturning Lancashire County Council’s rejection of Cuadrilla’s bid  to start drilling at […]

Only a struggle for democratic power can...

Only a struggle for democratic power can defeat Trump and the system

In 1989 US philosopher Francis Fukuyama announced that  political history would end by showing, as the Cold War finished, that constitutional, representative democracy and capitalism like America’s would prove the only viable system for the modern age. This week a right-wing led insurgency against the very same political and economic system propelled maverick billionaire businessman […]

Tackling climate change demands democrat...

Tackling climate change demands democratic revolution

The Tory government’s decision to allow a third runway at Heathrow Airport underlines how the political and corporate worlds have become entirely estranged from the real world. This is an outcome of the fundamental alienation at the heart of the capitalist system. The climate has entered a new phase as a number of tipping points have passed. There is enough greenhouse […]

Review of Labour in Irish history by Ja...

Review of Labour in Irish history by  James Connolly

New 2016 Hardback Edition, Citizen Press Review by Frank Hayes        Marking the 1916 Easter Rising centenary, Dublin’s Citizen Press have republished LABOUR IN IRISH HISTORY, James Connolly’s seminal 1910 Marxist analysis of Ireland’s historical development.  This timely imprint is an attractive and serviceable hardback edition, with a new forward by the playwright, […]

Brexit – a seismic event

Brexit – a seismic event

The Economist’s headline was ‘Brexit and the markets: a seismic shock’ Doomsday scenarios – warnings of its consequences – abounded: the British Pound will weaken, favourable trade conditions will disappear, housing values will tumble, the markets will plummet, job losses will mount. The implication is that the effects of the referendum vote will reverberate throughout […]