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How Labour can answer the far right’s at

How Labour can answer the far right’s attack on democracy

As Theresa May reaches out to Jeremy Corbyn in her efforts to solve the Brexit crisis in Parliament, it’s clear that the usual form of politics in the UK has ended. Brexit  is viewed by many people as an unnecessary and dangerous right-wing diversion from the big issues facing society as a whole. But this […]

Mapping out the road from Wigan Pier

Mapping out the road from Wigan Pier

Wigan – the name is full of resonance. Little did we know that our meeting place, Sunshine House, was close to the old tripe shop where writer George Orwell penned his book The Road to Wigan Pier in 1937. But Real Democracy Movement supporters who converged on the town from all around the UK weren’t […]

Even Dr Who…

Even Dr Who…

Introduction to Getting to Grips with Neoliberalism Teach/Learn-in – Wigan 24 November  2018 We are here to reach a deeper understanding of what neoliberalism, how it is changing. What do we want to do? * learn from each other as well as other sources to deepen our knowledge of neoliberalism in all its manifestations and contradictions […]

#Remembrance Day: How a sailors’ mutiny

#Remembrance Day: How a sailors’ mutiny helped end the war

In the run-up to Remembrance Sunday, it’s time to commemorate not only the end of World War I but the revolution that forced an end to hostilities. Early in November 1918, sailors on the German fleets mutinied, refusing to attack British ships. Their anti-war revolt spread like wildfire, quickly reaching the southern state of Bavaria. […]

Everything you wanted to know about neol...

Everything you wanted to know about neoliberalism but were afraid to ask

A profound crisis is threatening humanity. Democratic politics is being driven out by authoritarian populism in country after country. The planet’s fragile ecosystem is under unprecedented assault as a result of profit-seeking overproduction. International conflict looms more threateningly than at any time since the 1930s. Last, but not least, the global economic system has been […]