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Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality f

Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality for the many

By Paul Feldman Written in the name of  “We the People of the United States”, the preamble to the original constitution says it is made in “Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves […]

Call time on neoliberal-driven climate d...

Call time on neoliberal-driven climate disaster

Everything that people depend on for their daily lives has not just been disrupted, it’s been absolutely destroyed. So said Mark Bowen, head of emergency management for Bay County, Florida, after Hurricane Michael passed through the Florida Panhandle. Looking to the bigger picture, the last 20 years have seen a dramatic rise of 151% in […]

A decade after the crash, a fairer, kind...

A decade after the crash, a fairer, kinder capitalism is simply delusional

Ten years ago, the world economy ground to a halt in the wake of the biggest financial crash in the history of capitalism. The vastly overinflated atmospheric layer of global credit had burst. The banks and the entire financial system were in trouble, big trouble. Bear Stearns and Northern Rock led the collapse. Then on […]

Time to dump Trump

Demonstrators against white supremacy

Trump’s comments about the conflict in Charlottesville at yesterday’s news conference – if it can be called that – have sent shock waves around the United States. Veteran presenters on CBS television said they had “never seen a news conference like this one” after the POTUS returned to his original stance of equating alt-right and Nazi demonstrators […]

Dark Matters

Dark Matters

Legendary jazz musician, composer and poet Joe McPhee visited London earlier this month. He played with Rodrigo Amado, Chris Corsano, Kent Kessler at Cafe Oto in Dalston.  A few days later, he gave a sell-out performance at the Tank music space in Lewisham – a unique venue currently struggling against destruction by developers. Joe has kindly shared […]