Protester against the cruel treatment of China’s Uyghur people

This letter from Ruth Barnett was published in The Times:

Dear Thomas Bach,

I am led to believe that you are currently in charge of Olympic Games. 

Most people, including me, regard the Olympic Games as a very important factor in bringing people together all over the world, which makes this post an extremely important one and I congratulate you on taking it on.

Apparently, Beijing won the Games to be held there in February 2022, because many other cities around the world withdrew and there was only one other applicant.

Perhaps it was not known to you at the time, but it has certainly been verified with ample evidence recently, that the 30-year hostility of the Chinese government against its Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang has now become a full-blown devastating genocide. There is photographic evidence of over 300 concentration camps,  forced labour, sterilisation and other extremely cruel measures to wipe out the ancient Uyghur culture.

As a survivor of the Holocaust myself, I find it disturbing and abhorrent  that the extreme cruelty and withdrawal of human rights from the Jews of Europe is now being repeated against the Uyghur of Xinjiang. 

I am sure that this must be disturbing and unacceptable to you, especially as the CCP is attempting to deny the genocide by claiming it is re-education for the benefit of the Uyghur themselves while in fact the CCP is benefiting from unpaid forced labour, as indeed the Nazis previously financed their war effort with stolen Jewish property and unpaid forced labour.

The whole point of the International Olympic Games is as an icon of what  cooperation and friendly competition can achieve in bringing out the best in humanity. This noble aim is simply wiped out and negated by a manifestation of its opposite on the same soil, namely the power to wipe out a whole people by genocide. Thus our precious Olympic Games becomes a “Genocide Game”. I like to think that you, like most people I have questioned, agree with me that this cannot be allowed to happen.

Therefore I ask you “What are the limits of eligibility for a country to receive, from the Olympic Games Committee, the honour and responsibility to house and execute  Olympic Games in the spirit of human rights and the principles of equal value of all members of the human race?”

I look forward to your answer to this question which is vital for the whole of humanity and important for the continued esteem of our precious Olympic Games.

Uncannily, the Olympic Games are seemingly being used by the CCP in an attempt to cover up it’s agenda against the Uyghur by boosting it’s status on the world stage with the Games, just as Hitler covered up his real agenda and boosted his world image with the Olympic Games in 1936. The whole world was duped then and it seems as if we are heading for being duped again by the situation in China. 

I hope I am wrong as I appeal to your humanity to not allow this to happen again in February 2022.

Yours sincerely,

Ruth Barnett MBE
Holocaust Survivor, speaker, author and genocide educator

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