Cummings and Johnson behind the bars at Downing Street

How to stop Boris Johnson getting
back into No 10

Online general election video meeting –
all welcome
Monday, 11 November 7-8pm

Labour is best placed to defeat the Tories. But what kind of policies could attract voters distracted by the ongoing political crisis over Brexit? How can Labour address the crisis of democracy that has left the political system distrusted and unworkable?

What should our role be in the general election campaign?

Join us on Monday to give us your views. You can log on from 6.45pm.
The plan is to draft a joint statement on the election after the meeting.

The meeting will use the user-friendly Zoom app. Simply post this link into your browser and download the app.

Then follow online instructions. Select audio and video via your device.


Previous events

Make 2019 the year Corbyn becomes PM!

Sponsored by South Tyneside Momentum and the Real Democracy Movement.

Saturday 23 February 2019

10.00 – 15:15 (registration from 9.30)

Register via Eventbrite

South Shields Museum & Art Gallery
Ocean Road
South Shields
NE33 2JA

9.30 Registration

10am Welcome to the day + introductions

10.15 Local issues & campaigns – national and global causes and solutions:
5 minute presentations and group discussions

11.30 Break

11.45 Defending a Corbyn-led government: the challenges it will face from the state, finance and big business.
10 minute presentation and group discussions

1.00 pm Lunch break

2.00 Eco-crisis at tipping point, gross inequality, political system failure: the case for a democratic revolution to end neoliberalism.
10 minute presentations and plenary debate

3.15 Next steps

3.40 Closing remarks


Getting to grips with neoliberalism

Teach/Learn-in, Sunshine House, Wigan, November 24. Full report here

WHAT IF? Scenarios for defending a Corbyn-led government. Planning event Saturday June 30

You’re invited to a scenario-planning event on Saturday June 30, where we’ll work together to develop our response to the attacks that a Jeremy Corbyn-led government will inevitably face. What if? outlines some of these scenarios for starters, but we need to dig deeper to prepare to defend a Corbyn Government and how we can mobilise people to plant the building blocks for long lasting change, democracy and a future benefiting the many.

This is urgent as the Tory government is unlikely to last its full term and a General Election would most likely bring Corbyn to power. The tech co-operative Outlandish has kindly made its space in Finsbury Park available from 1.30pm (2pm start).  It’s two minutes from Finsbury Park station.

Please register at Eventbrite to book your place. Tickets are free but make a donation via Eventbrite if you can to help Outlandish cover their costs for opening up their premises at the weekend .

Hope to see you on June 30.

Paul and Dylan, co-authors What if?

Neoliberal Hegemony
Symposium 11 -12 June 2018

Hosted by International friends of Ilyenkov

Read the conference report

The S.A.N.E. Collective: Time’s Up for Neoliberalism

Saturday 21 April 2018

Everyone’s talking about neoliberalism, as we struggle with its discontents and contemplate its end. Glasgow-based SANE (Solidarity Against Neo-liberal Extremism) and RDM (Real Democracy Movement) offer their recent work as part of the expanding global toolkit for change. SANE launches a 10-week popular education course on neoliberalism at the CCA in May, and at this event will pilot 2 of the modules – Soul Damage & Ecocide. The RDM has been working with a range of organisations and individuals on A People’s Charter. They have also used “game theory” in working on Scenario Planning for a Corbyn-led government. And the final one of the 4 components launched at this event is a short manifesto for revolutionary change entitled “Time’s Up for Neoliberalism”.

Planning Day 28 October 2017

Towards a different future

“Towards the RDM – preparing for a Corbyn government”

Our aim is to complement the work of Labour by introducing the central issues of democracy, the state and power into the equation.  RDM supporters are holding a Planning Day on October 28. We will assess the UK’s political and constitutional crisis and develop strategies to counter the inevitable state-financial market attacks against a future Corbyn-led government. A planning group will then take the outcomes forward. It would be great to have you on board. For more details about the event, email with October 28 in the subject line. Find out more about the RDM and become a supporter here.

Draft timetable

9.45-10.15 Tea and coffee.

10.15 Introduction: Sharing personal aims and desired outcomes

10.45 Session 1

Small group discussions on:

* Grenfell Tower, food banks, unaffordable housing, Brexit, inequality & climate change. How do these show the need for system change?

* How should we prepare for a Corbyn government, given that the state and the corporations will conspire against it?

* What is the Real Democracy Movement for and how can we build it?

1.00 Lunch in the venue

1.45 Session 2
Open space for new ideas and proposals

2.30 Session 3

Bringing it all together.

Forming the planning group and actions for the coming months.

4.15pm Close