stateofemergencyfranceMost eyes have been on the Trump victory – but while we speculate about what it means, authoritarian rule is quietly being established just across the channel.
A day before the Halloween holiday weekend Francois Hollande’s government authorised a single database to combine ID card and passport information of the entire population of 60 million citizens.
The new Secure Electronic Documents database, known as T.E.S., will contain biometric information — like fingerprints and eye colour — ID photos, names, addresses and marital status.
Ruling by decree enabled the government to bypass scrutiny by France’s parliament, the National Assembly. Even France’s Minister for Digital Affairs was not consulted.
The New York Times goes on to warn:
“Under Mr. Hollande’s government, a series of antiterrorism bills had already given French authorities and intelligence agencies ample means to procure information on suspects, including by placing listening devices in people’s homes and tracking internet activity. A state of emergency declared after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 remains in effect and allows warrantless searches.”
Giving the state such power is bad enough under Hollande, but what if Marine Le Pen wins the next election?

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