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Six reasons to demand a fresh general el...

Six reasons to demand a fresh general election right now

The Tories are playing for time, desperately trying to reorganise themselves after their harrowing election campaign. That’s a good reason why we should step up the campaign for a fresh election and complete the unfinished business of June 8 by consigning Theresa May’s weak and divided government to history. The tens of thousands on London’s […]

Getting beyond capitalism’s grip on the

Getting beyond capitalism’s grip on the commons

Since the 1970s, global agencies, mostly set up to restore the economy in the wake of the World War Two, together with corporate lobby groups have promoted the neo-liberal faith. Everyone everywhere experienced the push for privatisation, fiscal austerity, deregulation, supposedly “free” trade, and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of […]

Brexit can wait. Democracy can’t. Demand

Brexit can wait. Democracy can’t. Demand new election now!

The popular social movement that swept Jeremy Corbyn to within touching distance of Downing Street should be sustained until the illegitimate, Tory-DUP government is removed from office and another election held. Theresa May has no mandate to rule, having lost her overall majority by gambling on an unnecessary general election. The aim was to shore […]

After London Bridge terror, Corbyn offer...

Armed police at London Bridge

If they demonstrate one thing above all else, the horrific terror attacks in London and Manchester are proof that policies pursued by successive governments have failed. Now it’s time to give Jeremy Corbyn’s approach a chance. Since 2000, there have been no fewer than 13 pieces of legislation related to the “war on terror”. Yet […]

Get ready to defend a Corbyn government ...

Corbyn speaking in Reading

If Labour wins next week’s general election, a Jeremy Corbyn government would come under immediate assault from the political establishment, the secret state and the financial markets to name just a few enemies of the people. We need to plan the resistance now. Corbyn’s manifesto may not overtly challenge capitalism – in fact the word […]

New democratic constitution key to Corby...

New democratic constitution key to Corbyn’s plans

You couldn’t argue with most of Labour’s manifesto drafted by Jeremy Corbyn and his team. Abolition of tuition fees, extra resources for schools and the NHS, building 100,000 new affordable homes, lifting the public sector pay freeze, increased resources for local councils, repeal of the hated bedroom tax and recent anti-union laws all feature in […]

Election 2017: Let’s campaign for REAL d

Election 2017: Let’s campaign for REAL democracy and back Corbyn

The June 8 General Election is aimed at giving the Tories an absolute grip on power as they struggle with the dramatic economic, political and constitutional consequences of last year’s vote to leave the European Union. As the old politics breaks up, ruling elites everywhere are moving towards autocracy and even dictatorship. May is following […]