1. For the first time in history there is a real potential to create a society where everyone’s contribution is valued equally. Advances in digital and communication technology have created conditions for this.
  2. Staying where we are is not an option. It means eco-destruction, impoverishment for the many, authoritarian regimes and possible war including nuclear weapons. We are living through an unstable time, marked by multiple crises and widespread anger at the consequences.
  3. In Britain, time and again, the political parties are tossed about on the shock waves of unintended consequences. The Brexit vote and Corbyn’s unexpected popularity are evidence of a widespread desire for change.
  4. And yet we remain imprisoned in a system where the many are powerless. Faceless global corporations preside over an economic and financial web over which we have little control. The Earth on which we depend is used only as source of profit. The result is an overwhelming ecological crisis.
  5. Our political representatives are trapped in the logic of the for-profit, for-growth production and consumption. Parliamentary democracy, which arose under capitalism, can’t by itself take society beyond the system.
  6. Behind the ebb and flow of day to day political affairs there is a constant:  the state and its constitution which regulates the control and distribution of power in favour of the few. Even an anti-austerity government seeking to return to state provision will be blocked by a state and global bodies legally fashioned to serve private profit and modernised in the interest of corporate interests.
  7. That’s why it’s time for a people-sourced constitution to reshape our society in favour of the many and the planet itself. The Labour Manifesto proposes a citizen’s convention on the constitution. Let’s welcome that with both hands and organise action for it.
  8. Local and national people’s assemblies can be the means whereby power is devolved from a tiny minority into the hands of the many. Then people can come together to consider a different kind of state and political system. Rather than of pleading for crumbs and sticking plasters for deep social problems, assemblies can become alternate seats of power to redistribute and share resources.
  9. Human beings are problem-solving animals. We have the capacity to make fundamental change. No single person or group can have all the answers. But organising together and taking science and technology out of the control and influence of for-profit institutions, solutions are within reach.
  10. The future is not pre-determined. Our actions will shape what happens. Let us embrace the crisis and uncertainty caused by Brexit and the growing economic and financial crisis. Now is the time to come together to create a real democracy movement that sets out to free society and ourselves from these inhuman relations. In this way we would be fulfilling and taking forward the gains of earlier generations on whose shoulders we stand.

WANTED: YOUR ideas, YOUR energy and YOUR support