What if? Scenario planning for a Corbyn-led government

Journalist, author and activist Paul Mason accurately described the concerted and co-ordinated attacks on Corbyn in the first three months of 2018. Writing in the New Statesman on 4 April, he said:

“First, Corbyn was supposed to be a Czech spy; next a Russian stooge, ‘betraying our country,’ as the defence secretary Gavin Williamson alleged; then he was smeared as an anti-Semite, his support group Momentum described as ‘neofascist’ by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid. In each round of anti-Corbyn mania, the players were the same: the Guido Fawkes website; the Murdoch newspapers – their agenda enthusiastically followed by senior decision-makers inside BBC News – and a group of up to 30 Labour MPs who just cannot reconcile themselves to the idea of a socialist party that fights for socialism.”

This is the just the start! A Corbyn-led government would face a media-BBC backlash from Day One. The aim would be to destabilise the government, split the cabinet and allow the Tories back in. MI5 and MI6 would be fuelling the lies and smears with disinformation, seeking out any vulnerabilities they can exploit.

Scenario Planning

Commission on the media

A Corbyn-government should set up a public inquiry into the role of the media under an independent chair. The inquiry would take evidence and investigate the source of fake stories about Corbyn and his team. This would bring out into the cold light of day the real intent of the stories. The commission could come forward with proposals to diversify ownership of the media and to provide a mechanism for instant redress to deal with lies and smears.

Alternative platform

There is a patent need for an alternative platform to the corporate-driven social media giants like Facebook who have been become the conduit for fake news and loss of personal data. A Corbyn government should provide funds for the development of alternative platforms, which would be user-controlled. These would help guard against the circulation of fake news and give access to those who want to take part in serious debate about the way forward for a Corbyn-led government.

More scenarios

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