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Democracy Unchained discusses what is wrong with the existing system, what real democracy would look like and how it can be achieved.

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Supporters will then produce a revised draft as preparation for the launch of the Real Democracy Movement as an organisation during the course of 2017.



1: Democracy: then and now

A political system in crisis

Behind the crisis of democracy

2: A state that has failed the people

Mystifying the state

The modern state

The rise of the corporatocracy

Paralysis in the face of climate change

Institutions of the UK state

3: The case for a democratic revolution

A way forward

4: Signposts to the future

Re-connecting with Nature

A social licence

Transforming the economy

Private profit versus co-ownership

Occupations to protect jobs and resources

Moving beyond capitalist production

A new ethos – a new concept of citizenship

Power to the Assemblies

Different kinds of democracy

State structures

5: Why a Real Democracy Movement is needed

Drawing some lessons

Honestly addressing the question of power

Shaping the Real Democracy Movement

What kind of organisation?

Over to you

Sources and further reading 

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