First steps taken in scenario-planning to defend a Corbyn government

As the Tory government staggers from pillar to post, split many ways over Brexit, the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government becomes more real by the day. That’s why making preparations now for the attacks it would inevitably face is critical.

Significant progress was made at our recent scenario-planning day where an open and participative discussion examined a variety of threats and possible solutions.  It began with a message from shadow chancellor John McDonnell. Read more

NHS needs a strong dose of democracy for its 70th birthday

The National Health Service remains the greatest achievement in the ongoing struggle for social justice in Britain and the best way to mark its 70th birthday is to move forward into a new era of democratic control and accountability.
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Everything you wanted to know about neoliberalism but were afraid to ask

A profound crisis is threatening humanity. Democratic politics is being driven out by authoritarian populism in country after country. The planet’s fragile ecosystem is under unprecedented assault as a result of profit-seeking overproduction. International conflict looms more threateningly than at any time since the 1930s. Last, but not least, the global economic system has been undermined by financial speculation and slowing growth, says the  introduction to Time’s Up for Neoliberalism. Read more 

Trade unions at the crossroads as TUC marks 150th birthday

In June 1868, trade unions in Britain came together to launch a combined organisation. As the TUC — Trades Union Congress — celebrates its 150th birthday, the movement faces, arguably, its biggest battle for survival. Peter Arkell reports. Read more

A one-state policy is route to peaceful solution for Palestinians and Israelis – RDM statement

The RDM and its supporters condemn the criminal actions of the Israeli government with regards to the violent, unprovoked response to peaceful Palestinian protesters taking part in the Great March of Return on the Gaza/Israel border.

A victim of the Israeli army’s brutal response to the Great March of Return

We also condemn the complicity of the UK government in failing to acknowledge the Israeli government’s persistent violations of international law and the export of arms to the Israeli armed forces.

We affirm our support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and ask RDM supporters to find ways to support it. The Palestinian people, who on May 15 mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba – when 700,000 had to flee or were expelled from their lands – cannot win their rights and a future on their own. They need global solidarity.

We also send our support to the six Israeli human rights organisations currently taking court action challenging the shoot-to-kill policy of the Israeli Defence Force. A small but growing number of Israeli teenagers are refusing to join the IDF for their national service and their stand gives hope for the future.

We salute the heroism of those Palestinians taking part in the Great March of Return. It is clear that a fresh approach is needed, for the two-state policy has collapsed. President Donald Trump has put the final nail in its coffin with his illegitimate recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

We support the courageous one-state campaigners inside Israel – and others who campaign for this policy – as the only route to a peaceful solution where Palestinian and Israeli people of all ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations can live together.

RDM planning group
May 2018

In 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement was agreed. But how effective was it? In a process that has now been running for over 25 years, this 2 part article explores how climate change was kicked into the long grass by the rising tide of neoliberal expansion.

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Frances Aviva Blane Untitled 1

In the beginning was the mark

Frances Aviva Blane has been included in 60 out of 2,700 applicants as an exhibiting artist in this year’s John Moores Painting Prize, the UK’s best-known painting competition. The exhibition, a key strand of the Liverpool Biennial, will be at the Walker Art Gallery from July to November 2018. Read more

No to the bombing of Syria!

The US, UK and French airstrikes are an attack on the Syrian people first and foremost. Whatever the source of chemical weapons, brutal bombing and military intervention will worsen their already desperate situation.  Syria is a killing field for warring big power interests – the UK, France, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia as they engage in a world war in miniature. Read more

How to derail neoliberalism – and replace it

Is neoliberalism – whereby the state promotes and facilitates the supremacy of the market in every area of society alongside tariff-free global trade – finally coming off the rails after an almost 40-year run?  Read more

After Carillion, what is the private sector for? Good question!

The collapse of Carillion, which made its money by sucking resources out of the public sector, begs the question: What use to society is the private sector of capitalism, when all is said and done? Read more


How the 1% protect their wealth at our expense

Have you heard of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)? Thought not. Here’s the inside story about how STEP members make sure the 1% stay wealthy and pay nominal amounts of tax. Read more 

Bitcoin fever could spark new crash

Nine years after Bitcoin’s launch, economy watchers are anxiously studying the markets and scouring each new official report for signs of the next crash. The Bitcoin-bubble hysteria could well prove to be one. Not if, but when. Read more

Achieving Catalonia’s right to self-determination

We should support not just the right to self-determination but the independence of Catalonia itself. Achieving this would be a blow against the centralising Spanish state and for democracy everywhere. Read more

Why we need a governing legislative framework at the heart of a new written constitution

What I argue for is a governing legislative framework that forms the heart of a new written constitution, one that incorporates basic principles of environmental, social and economic justice. Read more

Demand the release of Catalan political prisoners

We have sent the following message to 10 Catalan political prisoners held on remand in prison in Madrid while they await trial on spurious charges related to the referendum held on self-determination.

The Real Democracy Movement planning group supports the people of Catalonia in their desire for democracy and self-determination. We condemn the Spanish state’s violent treatment of voters, the closure of Catalonia’s Parliament and the jailing of Catalan political leaders as a blatant attack on democracy.

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