You want system change because you:
– see how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the way neoliberal capitalism puts profit before public health

– want racial and social justice in place of state-sponsored attacks on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, refugees and migrants

– know how urgent it is to protect the earth’s ecosystems from further destruction and fight climate change.

– believe that the political and electoral system is broken and is driven by corporate and financial power.

We are heading rapidly towards authoritarian rule. The consumer-driven, debt-based capitalist economy is sliding into the worst slump ever.

We should remake democracy so that economic and political power rests with the people, who actively participate in the work of governing the country.

The RDM is working with others to build a Charter Campaign and develop a training programme. We are reaching out to co-create a framework to carry through the strategy of a democratic revolution. Be part of this project by becoming a Supporter today!