Imagine tomorrow you were to be born again into the world, a world you can control but you cannot control what characteristics you’ll be born with. You don’t know whether you will be a man or a woman, black or white, born in Sierra Leone or Manhattan, fat or thin, good at maths or sport. What sort of world would you like to be born into? Would you prefer one where everyone had access to resources, a world of peace and equality, a world very different to the one we inhabit?


I imagine you would.


Fluidity is a way of viewing and behaving in the world, an ideology that says we should move with change rather than trying to set the world in a rigid mechanism to suit us. It also says that we will only find truth in the in-between absolutes not from fixed ideas. We all must have the freedom and leisure to discover our own path while understanding our co-dependence on other people and the planet.


The functions we will need to put in place for Fluidity to flourish I call Demokratia from the Greek word for democracy. The original term has little relation to the democracy we now have because Demokratia means self-rule. True freedom.


We need to create a new set of political, financial and economic systems, which are simple, but their impact profound. We can create this new way without destroying or dismantling the old we simply devolve from the groupings that no longer serve us to ones that do.


We need to create a new currency, which is not owned or controlled by a few people. We need to replace the taxation systems, which can be avoided by the rich but not the poor, and put in place an income payment for everyone to give us security and true choice in who we work for and whom we support with our monetary votes. This will also decrease inequality and act as a real-time money supply regulator smoothing out the boom and bust cycle.


We need to reboot democracy by replacing representative democracy with a tri-modal way; direct monetary democracy – giving money to projects you need and want, labour democracy – giving your talents and energy to support the projects you need and want, and a direct liquid democracy where you get to vote on the management and availability of scarce resources.


We need to change our land ownership laws so land that is being misused or under utilised can be put back on the market. We can do this by replacing freehold with leases of 100 years or shorter. This will also enable more people to own a home of their own and decrease wealth concentration through rent seeking.


We need to put infrastructure into the hands of the people it serves rather than multinational companies or isolated bureaucrats.


We need to shorten the supply chain so we know who makes our goods and services. This also decreases inefficiencies – wasted time.


We need to encourage technological advances that replace mindless toil and increase our leisure.


Most of all we need the freedom to think about our legacy, to think about the far future and our impact on the planet.


All these things together make a fluid society where we have a real say in the world we create. If we put real power in our hands I am sure we will create a sustainable world, a peaceful world and one where we all get a chance to fulfil our dreams.


The triskele on the cover of this book represents the interaction of our mind, our society and the universe in ever changing flow. It also represents the interplay of the tri-modal democratic system where three modes create one true democracy. It is an ancient Celtic symbol for the constant interplay of different elements making up a stable whole. This is the way I see Fluidity – stability through moving with constant change.


There are many false assumptions about our world that need to be debunked before we can paint a new picture of our world.


Economics just doesn’t explain how we behave or how we set prices; Supply and Demand just doesn’t work in the real world.


Work isn’t good for us. It isn’t a noble act and should only be done to create technology that will reduce work. Most of our current work is pointless sandcastle building and Chinese whispering. An endless email chain of political one upmanship, self-promotion and arguing over meaningless rules.


We don’t need restrictions to make good decisions but the complete opposite, we need peace and leisure to achieve a holistic mind, which will make good choices for our future wellbeing.


We cannot expect isolated rulers to save us from environmental collapse. They will do the opposite they will ignore the problem then go to war to distract us.


Inequality will occur through the process of luck and probability even without rent, profits and interest concentrating wealth. If we are to maintain equality, freedom and flourishing for all there must be a mechanism of redistribution from those with to those without.


We may be creating a biological underclass via inequality and mundane work. Evidence from epigenetics and neurogenesis suggests when we put people under stress their brains stop growing and this tendency can be passed unto their descendants. Equality, novelty, play and freedom are essential for the flourishing of us all.


We can make the necessary changes now without violent revolution or overthrowing the old system. Rather we grow a new system in parallel with the old all we need is a transactional system and new currency to start

This is the introduction from Fluidity a book.


David J Campbell

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