The challenge of understanding today’s complex and contradictory social world was at the heart of “Deconstructing Neoliberal Hegemony”, a two-day international symposium, organised by the International Friends of Ilyenkov.

The work of the IFI has taken on a heightened significance at a time when the possibility of real knowledge has come under attack from purveyors of alt-truth and fake news.

Held in Copenhagen in June, it was co-sponsored by the 15th of September Foundation and the Real Democracy Movement. Highlights included the launch of Time’s Up for Neoliberalism and a moving new film about the oppositional Soviet philosopher Evald Ilyenkov.

Participants shared their research into contemporary problems in education, social work, health, the state and the eco-crisis. In Seth Chaiklin’s session, held at Copenhagen University’s psychology department, there was a deep discussion about how objective things and processes can be cognised through dialectical logic.

A full report by co-organisers Signe Juhl Møller and Corinna Lotz can be read on the International Friends of Ilyenkov website.