Boris Johnson

As crisis deepens, what it will take for Corbyn’s plan to ‘put people in power’ to succeed

As the Supreme Court’s unanimous judgement against prime minister Boris Johnson was read out, there was a sharp intake of breath in the court as it was held that “the Prime Minister’s advice to Her Majesty was unlawful, void and […]

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How Labour can lead the fight to defy Johnson’s plan to sideline Parliament

The UK ’s political system is on the brink of imploding. So when the Commons returns in early September, MPs, led by Labour, must be prepared to take drastic action to defy Boris Johnson’s plan to sideline Parliament.

A potentially […]

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How to block Johnson’s threat to ‘make Britain great again’

Boris Johnson is a clear and present danger to the UK political system and to everyone’s democratic rights. Yet the man who is set to become prime minister next week is having a clear run at moving into 10 […]

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