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Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality f

Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality for the many

By Paul Feldman Written in the name of  “We the People of the United States”, the preamble to the original constitution says it is made in “Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves […]

Quarantine Johnson’s regime permanently!

Quarantine Johnson’s regime permanently!

The fact that top government scientific and health advisors have appeared on our TV screens by themselves to warn about the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, is undoubtedly because fewer and fewer people trust the Johnson regime. With professional civil servants and procedures pushed aside in favour of corporations like Deloitte and Serco plus assorted […]

Starmer dances to Johnson’s sinister tun

Starmer dances to Johnson’s sinister tune

As the Tories lift the lockdown, principally for economic rather than public health reasons, some might expect a challenge to this business-led strategy from the opposition in Parliament. Don’t hold your breath.”Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” is back in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation. For Sir Keir Starmer and his supporters,”taking a knee” means prostration […]

Virus just one part of a deadly cocktail

Virus just one part of a deadly cocktail

Take one rampant market economy directed by an authoritarian state more concerned with suppressing dissent than public health, add in debt-driven globalisation, throw in extreme weather patterns and broken political systems and you have a deadly cocktail. That’s how the coronavirus pandemic originating in China, the stock market collapse, climate change and the slow death […]

Why Long-Bailey’s call for a ‘democratic

Why Long-Bailey’s call for a ‘democratic revolution’ deserves support

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s call for a “democratic revolution” in the wake of Labour’s election debacle is welcome. In doing so, she raises crucial questions about where power is located, the nature of the state and removing the Tories sooner rather than later. Clearly, Labour cannot simply rely on harvesting the votes of traditional supporters at the […]

Time to refound Labour before it’s too l

Time to refound Labour before it’s too late

by Paul Feldman Labour’s catastrophic defeat, which will have serious consequences for the wellbeing of communities of all classes, cannot simply be reduced to issues about the party’s leadership or even confusing or misunderstood election policies, especially in relation to Brexit. Ultimately, Labour was thwarted by trying to do the well-nigh impossible through Parliamentary methods […]