Planning Day October 28

Towards a different future

“Towards the RDM – preparing for a Corbyn government”

Our aim is to complement the work of Labour by introducing the central issues of democracy, the state and power into the equation.  RDM supporters are holding a Planning Day on October 28. We will assess the UK’s political and constitutional crisis and develop strategies to counter the inevitable state-financial market attacks against a future Corbyn-led government. A planning group will then take the outcomes forward. It would be great to have you on board. For more details about the event, email with October 28 in the subject line. Find out more about the RDM and become a supporter here.

Draft timetable

9.45-10.15 Tea and coffee.

10.15 Introduction: Sharing personal aims and desired outcomes

10.45 Session 1

Small group discussions on:

* Grenfell Tower, food banks, unaffordable housing, Brexit, inequality & climate change. How do these show the need for system change?

* How should we prepare for a Corbyn government, given that the state and the corporations will conspire against it?

* What is the Real Democracy Movement for and how can we build it?

1.00 Lunch in the venue

1.45 Session 2
Open space for new ideas and proposals

2.30 Session 3

Bringing it all together.

Forming the planning group and actions for the coming months.

4.15pm Close