John McDonnell MP, the shadow chancellor, has welcomed the teach/learn-in in Wigan on Saturday, November 24. He says:

“This is a great initiative, which will assist in understanding the role played by neoliberalism in shaping political economic thought and policy making over the last 40 years and how we can break its dominance.”

We’re meeting at the Sunshine House Community Hub, Wellington Street, Wigan WN1 3SA from 11am to 5.30pm. Registration is from 10.30am. Reserve your place now via Eventbrite .


Plan for the Day

10.30 Registration

11.00 Welcome to the day with a brief update on the crisis of neoliberal capitalism. How the day will work. What we want to achieve by the end of the teach/learn-in.

Working Groups with 5 minute lightning presentations

11.20 From neoliberalism to illiberalism: What is behind the rise of the far right?
Can democracy be achieved within the current state/political system? Strategies for defeating the far right. Meeting potential threats to a Corbyn government. What would real democracy look like?

12.20 – Break

12.30 Eco-crisis at a tipping point
Why do states fail to act? Can individual action alone halt climate change and biodiversity loss? Why/how the far right is deepening the crisis. Reimagining the Commons. Ending neoliberal alienation from our nature.

1.30 pm Lunch at the venue

2.15 pm Identity, ideology & culture in a neoliberal world:
Is culture only a tool for the 1%? What does a cultural strategy for an emancipatory movement look like? Beyond divide and rule – privileging and celebrating diversity.

3.15pm Refreshment break

3.30pm Globalised precarity & inequality – beyond the gig economy
Why precarity & inequality are the new normal. Can AI benefit the 99%? Technology as a liberatory tool. Achieving co-ownership and control of the corporations. What to do with the financial system?

4.30pm Creating an Action Plan

5.15 pm Closing remarks. Wigan as an introduction to an online course,