Towards a different future

Whatever the Tory-DUP government manages to deliver as a result of leaving the European Union, it will not give people any control or tackle rising poverty, inequality and homelessness.

And nobody has explained how staying in the EU would achieve it either. After all, these conditions were created whilst the UK was a member of the European Corporate Club and did nothing to prevent it.

Some try to deny that it was those left behind in society that tipped the vote in favour of leave, claiming it was just a racist backlash. But the figures for those who voted leave suggest it that the most socially disadvantaged groups swung the Brexit vote:

* Those with no formal education qualifications (78%) or whose highest qualifications are CSEs or O-levels (61%)

* Those with an income of less than £1,200 per month (66%)

* Those in social housing provided by a local authority (70%) or housing association (68%)[1]

Low wages, job insecurity, austerity without any end in sight and a Cameron government that had just announced a plan to end the right to social housing tenancy for life – the notion of “taking back control” seemed attractive.

Leave voters clearly felt they had nothing to lose and Remain voters were not exactly inspired by the EU, voting on a “better the devil you know” basis – or to reject anti-immigration rhetoric.

Now the divided ruling élite are embroiled In the Brexit process and this is eroding what remains of parliamentary democracy and provoking a constitutional crisis.

The Tories are taking a huge gamble with the jobs and living standards of everyone in the UK, dreaming of reviving an imperialist past when Britannia ruled the waves.

It is urgent to find a way forward that could inspire and unite people from both camps against the power of the corporations.

A movement committed to achieving a democratic and fair society, where people really take control, could unite people in a new way.

In place of the divisions of Brexit, the Real Democracy Movement proposes:

– Real democracy and self-determination where active citizens transform and remake our present forms of rule and power in favour of the 99%.

– A People’s Constitution, that enshrines in law the right of people to decide what’s best for their workplaces, communities, towns, cities, regions and countries.

– A new approach to relations with people in other countries, focused on the rights of workers, freedom of movement and solidarity against corporatocracy.

To make it happen, we should

  • * develop a united movement for change
  • * convene local assemblies and constitutional conventions;
  • * strike against austerity without end, the Universal Benefit, zero hours contracts, unequal pay.
  • * occupy spaces and local power bases and make demands on elected representatives.
  • * join up the opposition against market-driven social cleansing, unaffordable rents, privatisation of commons; homelessness and gentrification

We need to conceive and build a social movement that can deliver a different kind of political representation and culture of citizenship with peace, justice, equality, real democracy and ecological balance as its core values.

A draft for discussion drawn up by the RDM Planning Group. Let us know what you think.

[1] Understanding the Leave Vote, National Centre for Social Research

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