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Transmission ‘agent’ for deadly virus is

Transmission ‘agent’ for deadly virus is capitalism itself

By RDM supporters Epidemiology, the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases, uses the term “vector” to denote an agent that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism. What is apparent is that the Covid-19 virus has its own specific, socially-constructed “agent”. The evidence is […]

How Labour can defeat Johnson-Farage pow...

How Labour can defeat Johnson-Farage power grab

A mass mobilisation is called for if we are to stop the Johnson-Farage axis from seizing power and creating a vicious anti-democratic, authoritarian regime. This is no ordinary general election. Rather, it is an extraordinary campaign of lies, fake news and slander aimed at Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s leadership of the Labour Party. Johnson, […]

Iraqi protests demand democracy

Iraqi protests demand democracy

By Farah Alrajeh Academic and PhD researcher in Iraqi Literature,Sussex University Iraqis around the world are accusing the Baghdad government of crimes against humanity in a brutal crackdown against opponents. Some 300 people have been killed since demonstrations against the Abdul Mahdi regime began in early October. Iraqis are appealing to the United Nations and […]

A democratic revolution is the way to ou...

A democratic revolution is the way to oust Johnson regime

We are, as historian Simon Schama told BBC’s Newsnight, “living in a weird British revolutionary moment”. Different parts of the political system are at war with each other. The old constitutional arrangements have broken down and the crisis of representative democracy is a turning point in UK history. MPs have responded to Boris Johnson’s coup […]

The struggle for real democracy and peop...

The struggle for real democracy and people’s power in Ukraine

By Mark Zobov, chair of the Moral and Intellectual Choice Association, Ukraine Translation by Anna Alexandrovna Krapivnik The Ukrainian people made their choice: they elected a novice as president, and were condemned again as a bad bunch. They had once voted for a “packet of buckwheat”, now they had voted for a laugh — they were not […]

How Evald Ilyenkov was ‘found’

How Evald Ilyenkov was ‘found’

How a philosopher considered the most significant theorist of the Soviet era came to influence Nordic, British, American and German thinkers, as well as revolutionary activists, is revealed in Finding Evald Ilyenkov. Ilyenkov and his co-thinkers were driven by a desire to rescue Marxism from the dead hand of Stalinist orthodoxy. As cultural theorist and philosopher […]