general election

Plan to bring down this ‘rogue’ government

December 17th, 2019|real democracy|2 Comments

By Peter Arkell

Now what? It is unthinkable to lie down and acquiesce in the result of this election. So we have to analyse what […]

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Time to refound Labour before it’s too late

December 17th, 2019|real democracy|1 Comment

by Paul Feldman

Labour’s catastrophic defeat, which will have serious consequences for the wellbeing of communities of all classes, cannot simply be reduced to issues about the party’s leadership or even confusing or misunderstood […]

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Six reasons to demand a fresh general election right now

The Tories are playing for time, desperately trying to reorganise themselves after their harrowing election campaign.

That’s a good reason why we should step up the campaign for a fresh election and complete the unfinished business of June 8 by […]

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After London Bridge terror, Corbyn offers a vision of peace

If they demonstrate one thing above all else, the horrific terror attacks in London and Manchester are proof that policies pursued by successive governments have failed. Now it’s time to give Jeremy Corbyn’s approach a chance.

Since 2000, there have […]

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