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Governments have fuelled a new toxic deb...

Governments have fuelled a new toxic debt crisis

Experts are busy assessing the signs of an oncoming global recession and a new financial crash, poring over charts, columns of figures and graphs, reading about warnings from the International Monetary Fund among others. Why are they so deeply alarmed? Globally, manufacturing is in a recession. US production is contracting and jobs are disappearing as […]

“ will take regime change…”

“ will take regime change…”

      Introductory considerations As the world’s temperature rises, and wildfires burn across southern Europe, the western United States of America and Canada, scientists warn that just three years remain for the emissions curve to be turned downwards if runaway irreversible climate change is to be avoided. In the Middle East, temperatures above 50oC […]

Six reasons to demand a fresh general el...

Six reasons to demand a fresh general election right now

The Tories are playing for time, desperately trying to reorganise themselves after their harrowing election campaign. That’s a good reason why we should step up the campaign for a fresh election and complete the unfinished business of June 8 by consigning Theresa May’s weak and divided government to history. The tens of thousands on London’s […]

Review: How Varoufakis’ dream turned int

Review: How Varoufakis’ dream turned into a nightmare

Yanis Varoufakis lost his 2015 battle with what he calls “Europe’s deep establishment”. Now he’s working to build DiEM 25, a pan-European, cross-border movement of democrats. Their aim is to repair the European Union. In January, 2015 he was elected, with 140,000 votes, as finance minister in the Syriza-dominated government. His mission – to overturn […]