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Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality f

Time to make ‘we the people’ a reality for the many

By Paul Feldman Written in the name of  “We the People of the United States”, the preamble to the original constitution says it is made in “Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves […]

Virus just one part of a deadly cocktail

Virus just one part of a deadly cocktail

Take one rampant market economy directed by an authoritarian state more concerned with suppressing dissent than public health, add in debt-driven globalisation, throw in extreme weather patterns and broken political systems and you have a deadly cocktail. That’s how the coronavirus pandemic originating in China, the stock market collapse, climate change and the slow death […]

Why Long-Bailey’s call for a ‘democratic

Why Long-Bailey’s call for a ‘democratic revolution’ deserves support

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s call for a “democratic revolution” in the wake of Labour’s election debacle is welcome. In doing so, she raises crucial questions about where power is located, the nature of the state and removing the Tories sooner rather than later. Clearly, Labour cannot simply rely on harvesting the votes of traditional supporters at the […]

A democratic revolution is the way to ou...

A democratic revolution is the way to oust Johnson regime

We are, as historian Simon Schama told BBC’s Newsnight, “living in a weird British revolutionary moment”. Different parts of the political system are at war with each other. The old constitutional arrangements have broken down and the crisis of representative democracy is a turning point in UK history. MPs have responded to Boris Johnson’s coup […]

Achieving Catalonia’s right to self-dete

Achieving Catalonia’s right to self-determination

Catalan political leaders and activists remain locked up in jail in Madrid, awaiting trial on sedition, rebellion and misuse of funds. Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia, is in Belgium fighting extradition. Catalonia’s Parliament remains closed and the region’s ministries and police are under the control of officials despatched by Madrid. This is the reaction […]

Not really Impressionism – how France’s

Not really Impressionism – how France’s loss became England’s gain

If only the curators had given Impressionists in London a different name: “How some artists crossed the channel to escape from war-torn Paris with some sculptures and stunning riverscapes by Monet and Derain thrown in at the end”. If only they had focused more closely on the deeper significance of that traumatic, rich and fascinating time […]

Get ready to defend a Corbyn government ...

Corbyn speaking in Reading

If Labour wins next week’s general election, a Jeremy Corbyn government would come under immediate assault from the political establishment, the secret state and the financial markets to name just a few enemies of the people. We need to plan the resistance now. Corbyn’s manifesto may not overtly challenge capitalism – in fact the word […]

Election 2017: Let’s campaign for REAL d

Election 2017: Let’s campaign for REAL democracy and back Corbyn

The June 8 General Election is aimed at giving the Tories an absolute grip on power as they struggle with the dramatic economic, political and constitutional consequences of last year’s vote to leave the European Union. As the old politics breaks up, ruling elites everywhere are moving towards autocracy and even dictatorship. May is following […]