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Videogaming – the good, the bad and the

Videogaming – the good, the bad and the ugly

If you thought global corporations just sold stuff like trainers or phones, think again. China-based Tencent is the world’s biggest Internet-related products company with a market value of US$850 billion, making it the largest enterprise in Asia. The phenomenon of online videogaming is key to its success. Tencent’s portfolio is said to involve more than […]

Everything you wanted to know about neol...

Everything you wanted to know about neoliberalism but were afraid to ask

A profound crisis is threatening humanity. Democratic politics is being driven out by authoritarian populism in country after country. The planet’s fragile ecosystem is under unprecedented assault as a result of profit-seeking overproduction. International conflict looms more threateningly than at any time since the 1930s. Last, but not least, the global economic system has been […]

Theses – towards a Real Democracy Moveme

Theses for real democracy

For the first time in history there is a real potential to create a society where everyone’s contribution is valued equally. Advances in digital and communication technology have created conditions for this. Staying where we are is not an option. It means eco-destruction, impoverishment for the many, authoritarian regimes and possible war including nuclear weapons. […]

Get ready to defend a Corbyn government ...

Corbyn speaking in Reading

If Labour wins next week’s general election, a Jeremy Corbyn government would come under immediate assault from the political establishment, the secret state and the financial markets to name just a few enemies of the people. We need to plan the resistance now. Corbyn’s manifesto may not overtly challenge capitalism – in fact the word […]

Southend launch for Democracy Unchained

Southend launch for Democracy Unchained

Grassroots organisations came together in Southend to  celebrate diversity and exercise practical democracy last weekend. The town’s magnificently ramshackle pub, the Railway Hotel, is perhaps best known as an occasional watering hole for punk singer-actor Wilko Johnson, whose face graces the pub sign. But on Saturday 6 May it hosted the Essex town’s first Radical Fair. A group […]

Election 2017: Let’s campaign for REAL d

Election 2017: Let’s campaign for REAL democracy and back Corbyn

The June 8 General Election is aimed at giving the Tories an absolute grip on power as they struggle with the dramatic economic, political and constitutional consequences of last year’s vote to leave the European Union. As the old politics breaks up, ruling elites everywhere are moving towards autocracy and even dictatorship. May is following […]